The Programme

Seasons for Growth uses a set of well-crafted resources and a trained, accredited Companions who facilitates small peer groups, the programme provides a safe and creative way to explore feelings, memories, loss and grief.

We use the imagery of the four seasons to illustrate that grief is cyclical.

The programme runs over a course of 8 weeks made up of a one hour group session each week. Sessions are run with a group of around 7 participants with 2 or 3 trained companions.

Each participant receives a journal to complete over the course of the progamme. We learn together by talking and participating in activities to promote self-confidence, self respect and a sense of control over one’s own life.


Each Season is explored in two-week blocks and the topics covered are pictured below.




Explore the importance of being able to accept the reality of change and loss as part of life.

Out take: we learn to accept the reality of loss. Life is like the Seasons and change is a part of life.


In the Winter sessions we explore the effects of change and loss within our own story.

Out take: To process the pain of grief, value my story and name my feelings.


In the Spring sessions we explore feelings, memories and forgiveness...important elements that help us adjust.

Out take: To adjust to a changed world after grief, caring for my feelings and remembering the good times.


In the Summer sessions we explore choices, self-care and support networks in the process of moving forward.

Out take: To adjust to a changed world after grief To find an enduring connection with what has been lost while embarking on a new life. Making good choices and moving forward.