Do you know of an adult or child (aged 6 years or over) who is dealing with a significant loss or change in their life?

Divorce, separation, death or any change in life can cause feelings of anxiety, anger, hurt and loneliness. Changes in behaviour or actions that are out of character, being withdrawn, or disruptive, or struggling to concentrate are common reactions to grief. Life can be overwhelming, whether the event is current or from some time ago. The Seasons for Growth Programme can help.

The Seasons for Growth Programme was written by Dr Anne P Graham PhD in collaboration with education, health and welfare professionals. Since its launch in 1996 and revision in 2015, the programme has reached thousands of children, young people and adults in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Peru.

Seasons for Growth recognises the effects of change and loss within our own story and the importance of being able to accept that the reality of change is a part of life. We explore feelings, memories and forgiveness, important elements that help us to adjust. We investigate choices, self-care and support networks in the process of moving forward and develop strategies to assist with changes faced in later life.

The programme is educational in nature and does not provide therapy. We use the imagery of the four seasons to illustrate that grief is a cycle and not a direct journey with a clear end.

Seasons for Growth recognises the value of each person’s unique experience and the importance of being able to share their story and recognise their feelings, what trigger these and share an appropiate way to deal with their feelings - building networks of support.  More importantly we learn that we are not alone in dealing with the effects of change, loss and grief.

Seasons for Growth is an eight-week programme. Using a set of well-crafted resources and a trained, accredited Companion who facilitates small peer groups. The programme provides a safe and creative way to explore feelings, memories, loss and grief. Each session is held in a safe non-judgemental, caring environment where peer support is a key element of the programme and confidentiality is strongly emphasised.