I was concerned about how my children were coping with a difficult relationship breakdown between me and their father. It was an emotional and stressful time for us all. When my 7 year old son told me that he was worried that me and his father had not stayed together was because he hadn’t prayed hard enough, it was time to seek help. The course gave my son some new approaches to dealing with change and a different perspective. He enjoyed going along and while he didn’t share with me a lot of what he was learning about, I do think it helped him to deal with what was happening in his life. For me, I was initially very sceptical about sharing and didn’t expect to get much out of the course myself, however I found that the other parents and facilitators provided an extremely supportive environment for helping me with my own healing as well as understanding what my children were going through so I could better support them. I have recommended Seasons to others dealing with change, and I will continue to recommend it because it helped my family when we were having a difficult time. It also helped me to feel like we weren’t alone in our struggles, and in fact that we could help support others too.
I think the course was fantastic. – Patent A

I just wanted to take some time to give feedback on the recent Seasons Programme that my two daughters, attended.
My daughter A has been attending weekly counselling since early this year and I was a little unsure if attending the programme would benefit her. I was also very unsure as to if my two daughters should be in the same group as their relationship had been VERY strained. Daughter A had a lot of anger directed at B and as a result B was quite upset and scared. It was interesting that A requested to be in the same group and B wanted her to be too.
Throughout the programme I had nothing but positive feedback from both girls and after a few weeks I started to notice a positive change in their relationship which is now very much back to how it used to be. – Parent B

Thirty three years ago I too suffered through a marriage separation, and realise now that I went through lots of similar feelings and situations such as you all are going through at this time...
although in those days nobody recognised the facts of stress, trauma and separation anxieties.
I am now of the older generation of "Grandparents Raising grandchildren" and find I am suffering yet another set of circumstances, stress, trauma etc.
Thank you for sharing your plights with me, I have learnt such a lot and can easily recognise the problems and worries I experienced all those years ago. How I would gave benefited from sessions such as "Seasons". In those days you just " made the best of it" and "got on with it".
I see clearly now the problems this caused, and they have been very long lasting...to this day in fact. My two children suffered, (although at the time I well remember being advised that children are resilient they will adapt and get over it). They do, but the underlying issues are disastrous. My children's children are the result of these.
My daughter has a fifteen year old girl who is causing tremendous upheaval and unpleasantness, to the point of Police and Tamariki Oranga involvement. A living Hell has been created for my girl.
My husband and I have cared for a six year old for eighteen months now during which time many stories, tales and anecdotes of past doings have been regaled to me by my two children ..most not so good for me to hear, but with them a revelation and final understanding of the damage some broken marriages can bring.
Could I have handled it differently? Yes, but only with a program such as "Seasons".
I urge you to not stop seeking the answers for yourselves, and most importantly, your children. Do not allow a cycle to begin. – Grandparent