Seasons Companions

Our trained volunteer Companions, who deliver the Seasons for Growth programme, are local people, dedicated to supporting young people and adults in our community. They provide a nurturing, non-judgemental and safe environment to explore feelings and acknowledge grief. Some companions come with a counselling background however, when working as a Seasons for Growth Companion they are not counselling.

Many of our volunteers bring with them experience, life skills and other attributes learned from roles in childcare, education or business and now find they have time on their hands to focus on this programme and give back to the community in which they live.

Many are parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles that bring knowledge from their own experiences and that of their own families. They bring their commitment, passion and desire to help others to manage their grief. In addition to positive feedback received the satisfaction in the role comes as they see the changes in the children and adults and the networks they create to help them journey through life. While they know the benefits are far reaching for families, schools, communities and young people they also find the role extremely self-fulfilling on a personal level. It is why so many of our companions stay with us for a number of years.

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Does being a Companion interest you?

As the value and reputation of the Seasons for Growth Programme increases our need for more volunteers continues to grow.

All successful candidates will receive ongoing support and training for the role to ensure they have the tools to deliver and support the programme. Once trained, each Companion works closely with the programme Co-ordinator and other Companions in a supportive and sharing environment

If you are interested in training and certification as a Seasons for Growth Companion, you enjoy working with young people or adults and feel the timing is right to be involved, we would love to hear from you.

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To find out more about becoming a Seasons for Growth Companion please call Programme Director Jan Wallace 027 452 1366 or 09 238 7723

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